CS Professional Learning

The Introduction to Computer Science Teaching and Integration Canvas course was created to provide K-5 teachers with background knowledge about computer science teaching and integration in other subject areas. This is a virtual course is for K-5 teachers who are new to computer science and/or computer science integration. The course consists of five modules covering computational thinking practices, computer science concepts, computer science pedagogy, computer science integration, and identifying and providing services for students with computer science talent. The course should take about five hours to complete and includes discussions, quizzes to check understanding, and lots of classroom resources. 

Infosys Foundation USA's Pathfinders Institute is an intensive professional development experience for K-12 public school teachers in computer science and maker education. #InfyPathfinders pairs teachers from across the country with a diverse group of PDs for high-quality, hands-on training. Institutes have been held in the summer and winter and include an online learning platform with many resources.

The Computer Science Teachers Association provides a community for CS teachers through an annual conference, local chapters, professional learning events, online communities, and more. Membership in CSTA is free and open to anyone. 

Join Minnesota's chapter of CSTA at CSTA - MN 

CSTA 2022 Annual Conference - July 14-17, 2022, in Chicago

MNCodes is an educator training initiative from Code Savvy designed to expand access to equitable and engaging computer science learning opportunities to all students in Minnesota by empowering the people with the greatest impact — Minnesota educators! 

Developed by Google with K-12 educators, CS First is a computer science curriculum that makes coding easy to teach and fun to learn. There are several strands in the curriculum that focus on different subject areas including art, storytelling, and CS.